Contact Information
Registered Office/ Head Office:
Ashford Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.,
31/36, 5th Floor, Dheeraj Heritage,
S. V. Road, Santacruz (West),
Mumbai (Bombay) - 400 054. India.
Tele- fax: + 91 22 6675 8866

Japan Office:
Ashford Laboratories,
4-11-24-1402 Fukae Kitamachi,
Higashi Nada Ku, Kobe 658-0013,
Tele- fax: +81 0784 122579
Complementing our own capabilities by establishing long-term relationships with innovative partners from science and industry is an essential element of our strategy. We produce various dosage forms encompassing a vast range of therapeutic categories. Our formulation development team and regulatory department are focused on bringing latest generics to our markets with expedience thereby guaranteeing a constant flow of the latest products to our customers.

Specialty pharmaceutical companies like ours can create the most value by establishing capabilities across the four primary segments that comprise the industry. Ashford Laboratories has established capabilities in all four segments of this value chain

Our mantra has always been global. Only the best quality, capability, infrastructure and pricing can survive in this market.
We believe in working together towards success, with mutual trust, understanding our partner’s requirements and above all satisfying them. Establishing true partnerships – that is our goal.

A partnership entails much more than merely signing a deal. What comes afterwards is just as important for the success of a partnership. Good cooperation is essential – on the executive management level as well as on the expert working level. We stand by our commitments and treat our partners with respect.

Our products are available to local pharmaceutical distributors in most countries. We support our partners with manufacture and supply of pharmaceutical products according to their requirements and specifications. We provide the marketing support to our partners. Our business development team and Regulatory team are always at our customer's service.

Our products are available under private label to our distributors and partners in most countries. In order to satisfy the diverse needs of our various customers located in different parts of the world we believe in developing products specific to the requirements of our customers.

At Ashford Labs. Pvt. Ltd., we help build "molecules into brands." We work with our distributors, strategically and programmatically, to accelerate, expand and extend the product life cycles of ethical drugs. Ashford has developed considerable brand marketing experience in the emerging markets through its portfolio of branded generics. We focus on new generations of drugs thereby ascending the value chain in the marketing and ultimately increase revenues from the sales of our products.

With a long-term tradition of successful partnerships all over the world, we are committed to investing even more in accessing and advancing external innovations. With our different partners and our global organization, we work together in all phases of the value chain – from research to development and production to marketing.


We are big, but not too big to care
Ashford is a strong player in specialty medicine. In the areas we focus on, we have a long-term tradition of belonging to the top players in the field. We do not only offer you in-depth knowledge of therapeutic approaches and specialized development expertise but also excellent sales and marketing capabilities worldwide.

You will be working with dedicated and experienced business developers
We are a highly skilled business development group focusing on finding, evaluating, negotiating and building partnerships. We are interested in technologies, R&D compounds as well as in marketed drugs. Our search priorities are defined by our strategic business goals. While partnering with us, you will work together with dedicated and experienced business developers. Some of us have gained first-hand experience in research, others have been working with small biotech firms or venture capital companies or will bring the necessary marketing expertise to the table. With this know-how we are building sustainable partnerships.

For a quick and founded response to any partnering request, we have direct access to both specialists and decision makers: As business developers, we work jointly with the Business Units, Research Functions and Regions on each project and are part of the respective management teams. We work in cross-functional teams, facilitating and driving the process. This is how we ensure that new projects are evaluated in a timely and diligent manner and that our partners’ individual needs are responsibly taken care of.

You find our business developers all over the world
Ashford is a global pharmaceutical player. So we have also positioned our business developers around the world. In each region, namely Europe, the US, Asia/Pacific, Japan and Latin America, members of our team are pursuing regional and global opportunities. They are also taking care of regional aspects in a global project.

Together, we create tailored solutions
As we believe in an individual approach to each partnership, we do not work with standard terms, but are flexible on deal structures and regional issues. Our overall goal is a true partnership which allows both sides to develop and prosper.

Good cooperation is pivotal, so we support every partnership with an alliance manager. Our alliance managers will take care of a joint project just as if it was our own project, making sure that the collaboration works smoothly to our mutual benefit.

In a nutshell, the factors that have made us successful in drug manufacturing for overseas markets are
        High quality products.
        Flexible responsive service.
        "Just In time" delivery approach.
        Competitive pricing.
        Excellent compliance record.
        Efficient technical transfers.
        Modern GMP Certified facilities.
        FDA approved site.
        Strong Regulatory support.
        Efficient inventory coverage.